Laird Funeral Home and Wait Ross Allanson Funeral & Cremation Services are full service funeral homes offering personalized funeral & cremation services to each family we serve. We make every effort to meet the needs and wants of each family while embracing and respecting religious and cultural customs and beliefs that each family may have.

All of our facilities offer a wide range of services. Some of those services are listed below for your convenience.

Traditional visitations and funeral services: we can accommodate a small group in a simple viewing chapel to extended funeral services and visitation that can accommodate several hundred people.

Funeral services and visitations at other facilities: we will help you arrange with another facility to have a funeral and or visitation, assist you with the proper equipment and help arrange every detail to ensure that these services run as smoothly as if they were conducted in our own facility.

Memorials Services: we assist you with a personalized service with items such as custom photo boards, custom DVD memorial programs, keepsake items like engraved urns, candles, blankets, jewelry and other products capable of holding the ashes of your loved one.

Pre paid or simple pre arranged funeral and cremation services: we will assist you to make sure that the type of services that you desire will be followed through at the time of your or your loved one's death. We will assist you in sheltering money in a pre paid trust. This is helpful in the event that the need for long term heath care liquidates your funds to the point that you need public assistance.

Each family's needs may be different, we are here to help and guide you to make educated and personalized decisions regarding all type of funeral services. If you need the assistance of a competent professional for such items as wills and estate planning, we will be glad to recommend someone the help with these services.

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